RShell tool

Hi :)

As stated by this request report by AbnRanger:

It can be incredibly hard to create some thickness or a shell, in 3D Coat without a tool that gives us that ability, in the Retopo Room. You can see from the video, we currently have to send a one-sided mesh out to another app that has the tool, or spend needless time trying to replicate that, in 3D Coat.

Seems soon will no longer be the case ;)


Raw subdivision


Some time ago as requested by an artist, I have implemented a subdivision type useful for low polygon models or hard edges geometry. At that time I was in Cuba and by some reason I can’t remember seems that code wont get into the main trunk. Since I have left all my previous work “behind” I had to re-implement again. but like a painter, the second time you do your artwork it will be different, now I have more experience so the rewrote feature is way better than the lost functionality :) Hope you like it.

3D-Coat 4.5 released!

At Pilgway we are very proud to announce the release of 4.5 version of the cutting edge Digital Sculpting and 3D content creation 3D-Coat.

This particular update has taken us a while to deliver, but we made sure to include a whole LOT of new, great features to make 3D-Coat a more versatile and powerful 3D painting and digital sculpting tool.

Check out our video presentation and a short list of new features implemented in 3D-Coat 4.5 below. Owners of 3D-Coat 4 and 4.1 can upgrade for free.

Important notice! From May 28, 2015 till June 15, 2015 we offer a special launch discount of $45 (US dollars) on Full Professional and the Floating licenses.

Here’s a nice feature list¬†and a quick introduction to PBR materials.

We want to thanks our active community and our restless team at 3D-Coat that will continue to deliver top of the line tools for artists and creators.