Spin my particles!

Hi guys!

This is a new particle development I have being doing under the radar, one of the new year surprises, the good news is that the needed changes in Blender to allow this are minimal …. just a few lines patch and voila!

Though this time, is not a full simulation that will do the magic for you, this is a mixture of simulation plus artistic freedom/control … I will explain the full technique in future posts.

Recently an Intel developer has written a series of articles about realtime vortex simulation for games. The demo is spectacular and best of all runs in realtime. Sadly the algorithm is not open source and I wanted something similar in Blender… so you know the end, don’t you ;)?

I end up taking a different approach with similar results and I’m very pleased! my approach require more complex set up but more advanced user control and best of all is completely Lagrangian, I mean completely boundless , whether the Intel approach is a hybrid algorithm lagrangian/eulerian (lattice-particle method).

I took advantage of the fact that the current Blender particle system is a second order simulation system , where particles act as  source of force field, and the current vortex particle field has the rotational vector very limited and locked to the particle velocity direction …. well, I have made a simple patch to allow more user control and watch yourself!

Take this as a proof that I’m still active😉 !


Get the patch here!